Share my obsession with everything Bamboo!

Share my obsession with everything Bamboo!

In early 2011, I came across an article about farming bamboo. Hmm, why would someone want to do that? Of course, I had a bamboo cutting board and a few kitchen utensils made of the product, but at that time I  had no idea how far bamboo reached around the world and into products of almost every kind imaginable. I started to do a bit of research. That was the beginning of my obsession with this amazing giant grass!

It took hours, days, months, and even years to find all of the resources I have compiled since I first discovered how versatile bamboo is. I have a complete library of books, some very difficult to find. I have several different varieties of the plant and have grown them in the desert and now in the tropics. I use bamboo in my garden as a trellis for plants, edging around beds, fencing and more. Pretty much every week, I am creating another craft or building project using bamboo. And, of course, I have a personal collection of every product I can  find and afford from sheets to furniture to computer thumb drives! A bamboo house is definitely in my future!!!

As an environmentally friendly, re-usable, carbon sequestering large grass with unlimited potential in product use, and the bonus of being able to save acres of rainforest around the world, I believe bamboo is the future. On these pages, I want to share my finds over the years with you. I will show you hundreds of amazing products and where to find them, rare books, plants, DIY guides and more. I will also share my personal experiences and the wealth of information I have researched and compiled to save you hours of research on your own. My dream is to create a one-stop-shop for everything bamboo!

I welcome comments about your personal experiences with bamboo and any unique products you come across and would like to share with my readers. Please visit often to stay on top of this rapidly expanding industry or, better yet, subscribe to my email newsletter for an occasional update on new products, advances in technology and updates  surrounding the use of bamboo. Join the Bamboo revolution and take a step towards a better world!

Debbie Fishell